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About Us

About The Glass Gallery

The Glass Gallery has been developed through many years in the glass and graphic design industry and is a bespoke design hub for works on glass for both residential and commercial customers. Our team has worked extensively in these industries overseas and in New Zealand working with architectural & interior design. We bring together the best in technological advances in these fields including attention to detail and quality which is all created in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Many people in this era of minimal design are forgoing the traditional frame when it comes to displaying their art. Often the art is so strong on its own that there is no need for a frame, and some abstract paintings were never intended for a frame to begin with. The trend doesn’t just apply to paintings; there’s a definite move toward casual appointments of art, such as prints and photography with active photography now achieved on multiple home devices at our fingertips. Glass Prints of a personalized photo or Artwork of a special moment seen through the beauty of Glass. Where Glass becomes Art.

Developed through the course for requests and demand for Graphic design and in response to demand for a niche and unique design art.  We consider key aspects of accuracy to detail are elements always in keeping with the highest quality replication of art works. Contact Us