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Window Tinting

We invite you to explore our website and learn more about the complete line of Window Films available and services we offer. The Glass Gallery Ltd has a window film and installation that will meet and exceed your expectations.

A stunning home that is suited to a solar film that does not compromise the view out to the mountains but also has the ability to help reduce the loss of heat during winter and dramatically reduce the fading.

Our Window Films

Professionally installed Window Film will greatly enhance the energy efficiency, look, and functionality of your windows. This translates into lower power bills, improved comfort, added privacy, and greater protection year round. Our window film products provide a wide range of performances and help improve the aesthetics of glass and windows and the benefits will be noticed and enjoyed for many years with a high-quality installation and up to limited lifetime warranty gives you full assurance of quality guaranteed.

Installing window films are an environmentally friendly way to improve overall comfort to control, Glare, Heat, UV, Privacy, Safety & Security and improve Energy Management.

Energy Management Window Films

You can reduce your energy bills, your carbon footprint and the wear and tear on your Air Conditioning / Heat Pumps. Installing Energy Management window films, helps to regulate the temperature disparity between the sunny and the shady areas of your home or office. Our window films can reduce solar transfer in Summer and retain valuable radiant heat in Winter, meaning they allow less energy consumption on Heating and Cooling systems therefore reducing energy bills.

A warm comfortable living space that has views out to the snow-capped mountains can be achieved by using energy management window films to reduce heat loss in winter and can dramatically improve occupant comfort while enhancing an interiors ambience.
A stunning large three levelled architecturally designed home on the waterfront that has been transformed aesthetically with privacy to their glass from public passing by, while also having the benefit of reducing glare from the water.

Privacy Window Tinting

Our one-way mirror film can be applied to almost any glass surface. Both convenient and affordable, privacy window films can be installed to obscure the transparency of your windows, making them private from the outside and can be either a one-way Solar Film or Frosting.
It’s important to note with one way window film:
For the mirror effect to work, it requires one side of the window to be brighter than the other, so for that reason, the mirror effect only works during daylight hours. At night, or when the interior is brighter than the exterior, you’ll still need to draw the curtains or blinds for complete privacy.


Glare Reducing Window Films

Enhance visual comfort and potential headaches from the glare of the sun. Excessive glare can cause eye strain, eye fatigue , headaches, and discomfort, particularly when working or spending time in spaces with large windows or intense sunlight. By reducing glare, anti-glare film helps to alleviate these symptoms and promotes healthier vision. It can also help prevent potential long-term eye issues that may arise from prolonged exposure to intense glare. Our range of window films reduce the intensity of glare, making it easier on the eyes and allowing you to work, read, or engage in other activities without the need for constantly adjusting blinds, squinting or wearing glasses inside.

Glare Control
Safety and Security in homes or offices is at the top of the list in most people’s minds to feel safe in the environment from potential harm or accidents. Our Safety and Security window films are applied internally to the existing glass in your property adding a layer of protection without the need to permanently alter a structure making it a cost-effective solution.

Safety and Security Window Films

Safety and security films retrofit to existing glass and are must-have additions to multi-level office spaces, retail store-fronts, and homes that are susceptible to vandalism, break-ins or from accidental damage. We are able to protect what you value most with best-in-class materials and expert installation or if you’re having an upgrade on your home or office and need code of compliance to meet Council requirements for glass upgrade, we can meet these requirements and provide the necessary paperwork for approval.

Frosting & Decorative Films

Frosted or Decorative window film is a privacy glass film designed to cover your existing windows or doors to give it a frosted glass appearance. Our frosted window films are applied to virtually any flat surface. Once applied, the film gives your window the appearance of frosted glass, making it completely opaque, while still allowing light to pass through. Our frosted window films are perfect for adding privacy and are an affordable, modern alternative to curtains

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Frosting or Decorative window films
Fade & Uv Control
A beautiful home with large amounts of glass to enhance magnificent views it is worth protecting the fabric and furnishings, including any artwork from the harsh UV rays that will bleach out the colours and degrade the integrity of the fabrics.

A More Comfortable Environment

Solar heat reduction and temperature control window films can make a huge difference for occupants’ indoor comfort. These special types of window films help rooms stay cool during the heat of the day and warmer when temperatures are cooler during the Winter months.
By applying energy management window films to your home or business the benefits are immediate, leading to a more comfortable environment for occupants / tenants which they will benefit from year-round in a working or living environment. There will also be less reliance and strain on a building’s heating and cooling systems.

Improve Aesthetics

Adding window tinting film to your commercial or residential building’s glass is a simple way to give your property a facelift. You can choose from various tints to give your property a clean, modern, finished look.
This can be especially beneficial for an older office or home building that is starting to look outdated. Tinted or mirrored window films can instantly change your commercial or residental property’s entire outward appearance and make it look more contemporary and attractive while being cost effective & faster than window replacement, so building tenants / occupants will experience little to no disruption during the process.

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